LeanUXMachine 2011 UX Hackathon


Thank you!

The LeanUXMachine 2011 UX Hackathon was a truly collaborative event. So many people made it happen: 

  • Eden Shochat of Genesis Partners and Yaniv Golan of lool ventures organized the event
  • Genesis Partners made The Junction space available
  • Mika Josting of The Junction helped with logistics, smiles and most important - food!
  • Avi Charkham of lool ventures and Familio shared his very unique view on the design and product process
  • Michal Levin of Google shared her experience on UX and Product design with a wonderful introductory presentation
  • Eylon Ohevia worked relentlessly behind the scenes to get things moving and connecting the dots
  • Amit Trainin, Head of Visual Art department at Minshar, took the time to understand the need, to believe in an experimental format, and to make things happen
  • Lior Hamudot, Senior Interactive Lecturer at Minshar, set up the group of design students from Minshar
  • Anat Eldar, Director of Product at Tracx, shared her experience, set up this blog, shot the photos, collected the insights, and documented it for us to savor
  • Erez Golan, Head of the Photography department at Minshar kick-started the relationship and patiently supported it as we figured out what we wanted to do 
  • Tomer Sharon, User Experience Researcher at Google, started the LeanUXMachine series!

And last and most important: 

  • The participating design students - Asaf Kashi, Shay Ben-Ami, Idan Tzhachar, Tomer Gerbi, Moran Carmi, Lihi Ashkenazi, Tal Porat, Nadav Zofi, took a leap of faith and spent a weekend immersing themselves in the unknown 
  • The participating startups - ClarityRay, SmileCaster, Vidit, Kazazua, Familio, Whimado, who shared openly and worked as one team with the designers